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The common symbol for Rohini is the ox-cart, representing an abundant harvest, commerce, and in general, a fulfilling material existence. There are strong associations of Rohini with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and with Lord Brahma, the creative force in existence, adding a sensation of infinite possibilities here.

Moon Signs

Jupiter and Mars are now joining in sidereal Libra, creating what is known as a Guru-Mangala yoga alignment in the sky. This brings together our powers of purpose Jupiter with our power to take action Mars. Under this alignment, we have more ability to direct our energy towards righteous causes, and actions that support our highest beliefs.

Moon Exalted in Taurus (Vedic Astrology) - Watch video for Taurus Moon effects in horoscope

Though this alignment will last until mid-January, watch out for a planetary war between the two from January 4th-8th, when Mars passes Jupiter and they are within one degree of each other. This can help us to harmonize the energies of the two planets, and specifically the areas of life that these two rule in your personal natal chart.

Moon in Taurus

This alignment will last through December 20th. Mercury begins his retrogression on December 2nd, beginning to creep back towards Saturn, both in early sidereal Sagittarius. This could be positive for some endeavors, as Mercurial and Saturnian energies within us are able to work together towards a common goal specifically around what these two rule in your natal chart. Less harmony is present from December 4th-7th, when Mercury passes Saturn, creating a planetary war an internal conflict between our intellectual side and our long-term goals.

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Scorpio We began this lunar cycle on November 18th, with the Sun and Moon joined in Scorpio, bracing us for a month of exploring the depths of our most vulnerable and intense emotions. Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Many times a Taurus person is very resistant to change and they can cling to situations that they would better be let go of. They can often place more importance on stability more than growth and they must learn to let go of things once their time is done. Just give your name and email address to get hours of videos and answers to these deeper questions.

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